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New album(s) for download

"Griffin House has a new full-length record that will be available online this summer. It's called Homecoming, and will be fully released to retail in January. But in the meantime he's released another 12 songs: The House of David - Volumes One and Two.

The House of David EPs are a collection of songs recorded in January of 2005 (about 6 months after the release of Lost and Found). The songs are an experimental compilation of diverse sounds that are rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of Elvis and Liberace. These legends are also rumored to make a few guest appearances on the recordings, as they have a history at the House of David where the EPs were recorded. The House of David EPs and the full length Homecoming, will tally a total of 25 new songs. Hopefully that's enough for folks who've waited to hear what Griffin House has been up two for the past two years." That'll be us folks

To purchase House of David Volumes One and Two go to Nettmusic

EVERYONE SAY YAY! sorry for the delay in putting this here, I know the news is a few days old
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an interview

a nice extract:
"You can see why he needs someone like Fitchuk to get his ass in gear. Griffin himself is so laidback he could foreseeably fall off the end of the world and not be too bothered about it. However, his daydreamer demeanour belies a drive that sees him wanting to push on to the next level, and find his niche."
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from the mailing list

We've created an e-card for the upcoming UK tour. Check it out at the link below, and share it with your friends! Even those not in the UK may like this, as it's got three songs to listen to, plus links to the website, myspace, and email list. Fun for everyone!

And don't forget that if there's a show coming up in your area, we have printable posters and handbills for each show linked from the tour page at Perfect for hanging around your school or handing out at the coffee shop.

Enjoy, and we hope to see some of you on this tour,
-team Griff