Lare (freakspawn) wrote in griffin_house,

from the mailing list

We've created an e-card for the upcoming UK tour. Check it out at the link below, and share it with your friends! Even those not in the UK may like this, as it's got three songs to listen to, plus links to the website, myspace, and email list. Fun for everyone!

And don't forget that if there's a show coming up in your area, we have printable posters and handbills for each show linked from the tour page at Perfect for hanging around your school or handing out at the coffee shop.

Enjoy, and we hope to see some of you on this tour,
-team Griff
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squeeeeeeee! I saw the email you send me, couldn't play it at J's but have kept it!! Dang i wished he would come down under!!
Awwww he will babe, am positive of that!

ION: tell J from me that Iron Maiden have just released tourdates (but only if you wanna)
here's to hoping! *raises her coffee mug*

ooooh, he'd be interested in that! thanks hun :D
keep pestering him on his myspace site he reads it :D or on his website!

I know, though I've just looked at the dates, and they've only announced Europe atm, but I bet they'll announce the rest of the world soon :D
oh believe me i will! He'd be perfect playing here at the Katipo cafe or at the Bodega...yeah maaaaaaaaan!

excellent! That's what James Blunt did too, announced Europe first and then Australasia..he's probably gonna start bouncing up and down when i tell him :D
well tell him! He's just announced that he's gonna be touring with John Mellencamp. And I think John is big enough to tour Australasia, so keep your eye out!

heeheehee I can imagine!